Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Global Warming Fraud

I do not really know what to think about global warming, but what I do know is the whole issue is at best a distraction for the church. I found this article interesting. The founder of the weather channel announced that he wants to take legal action against Al Gore, calling the global-warming movement a fraud ( It is also interesting that there was a popular hot-topic pushed by the same group in the 70's called global-cooling. Its main cause was that the world was headed towards an ice age... dang it is cold! When it comes to global warming there is no real scientific facts, just computer generations of what some think might happen. Again, it seems that we have a tendency to fall prey to things that have nothing to do with Christ. We need to make a difference by being focused on what our calling is, not what the agenda of the world is. We can do better than this in my opinion.

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