Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chloe's Baptism

Chloe received Jesus as her savior on June 21, 2013 (Christy & my 10th Anniversary). On July 28th (my birthday), I had the incredible privilege of baptizing her at First Baptist Jenks, where I serve as the Executive Pastor. It was so great to experience this, and have GiGi & Pappa, Grammy & Grandad, MawMaw & Bubba, Micheal & Anne with Josh, Sam, Drew, Caleb, and Angelina there to celebrate with our family as well. This was a great day!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Freedom in Following

Freedom is typically seen as the ability to not have to answer for anything or to anyone. In this message (Freedom in Following) preached on July 14, the Scripture teaches that freedom is found in following Christ. In fact, the best way to live our best life to its best potential is to follow, which can be understood as making ourselves slaves to Christ and others. Included in this message from Galatians 5 are 5 steps to following Jesus in a way that will indeed set us free. Listen to the message here.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Book Review: Death by Living by N. D. Wilson.

Instead of writing a typical book review, I am just going to share the thoughts on this book while reading, Death by Living by N. D. Wilson. Here we go:

Random stories. No connection or link. Random thoughts. Feel like I'm reading an ADHD writer. Page 62, God falls short? Chapter 11 had a clear thought process; it was strange for this book. Why is this author insinuating curse words, then giving me the greatest commandment and the next? What is this dude talking about... and why did I waste my time reading this book!

In short, this is either the worst book I have ever wasted my time reading or the second worst book I have ever wasted my time reading (see The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay for the competition to this book).