Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is the Culture War really over?

This morning I was catching up on work and reading Brian Jones’ website (http://www.brianjones.com). He made a very interesting post about the culture war. He stated that the culture war is over and we lost. In his blog he said he went to go see a movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall (knowing absolutely nothing about the movie). Dumb idea. Within 2 minutes we were staring at a guy’s penis. A few minutes after that we in line to get a refund for our tickets. Listen, I’ve been to a few rated R movies and have NEVER seen anything like that. What the heck is going on? I’m with Jud Wilhite at Central Christian in Las Vegas. There is no “culture war” going on any longer. There may have been a war at one time, but we lost. Do you hear that? The culture war is over. We lost.”

Unfortunately, I totally agree. Not only have we lost, it was no contest. We have laid down and accepted the fate that we cannot compete or have a voice with the world. You would think Christians would have the sense to learn from our mistakes (i.e. Roe v. Wade) and use the voice God has given us, but we remain silent. Why?

Recently, Fox 23 here in Tulsa aired a Degrassi show at 9:00AM during Fox Kids where a boy was hiding that he was gay. Not only is the gay thing wrong, why have any sexuality matters discussed during Kids programming. Many people from our church sent letters and emails to the station director at my request, and she came back calling the show educational and informative… educational and informative! Part of me was unsure whether or not we should take a stand, but I feel like we cannot act like the Christians did during the holocaust and sing a little louder as people are getting murdered. We must use our voices to take a stand.

If we continue with our current strategy of being silent and taking it on the chin, we will find that it is over and that which was once unimaginable is now on Saturday mornings for our little ones to see. That is pathetic, and we can do better!

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