Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greece June 09: My Favorite Part of the Trip

My Favorite Part of the Trip is easy, being able to have Christy go with me! It was awesome to watch her light up the faces of the people she came in contact with, especially Helen in the coffee shop. God used her to embrace the people and have them embrace us too. She shone the love of Jesus throughout the trip and I could not be happier that she went.

Now when we pray for the nation, city, and our friends over there she can visualize what we are praying. As our partnership continues, she can refer to her experience with the people. When our kids get older, they can see her example of going even if it challenges every fiber of one's being. She overcame her fear of flying, fear of the unknown, and burden to be with her kids to be obedient to The Calling to go.

Not only that, but we had a great time together. Seeing the history of the Acropolis, studying God's Word on Mar's Hill and in Corinth together and drawing closer to Jesus is priceless. We will not forget Sunio and Aegean Island. She was my best part of this trip, and this trip was incredible!

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Cole and Christy said...

That is sweet! Thanks for letting me go!