Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cole's 2010 Mock Draft

1. Rams – Sam Bradford
2. Lions – Suh
3. Bucs –Gerald McCoy
4. Redskins – Trent Williams
5. Russell Okung
6. Seahawks – CJ Spiller
7. Browns – Eric Berry (if he falls here, it keeps them from making a stupid pick)
8. Raiders – Derrick Morgan (it wouldn’t surprise me if they take Classen, Tebow, or Bryant, I’m hoping reason wins out for this albatross of a franchise)
9. Bills – Bryan Bulaga
10. Jaguars – Rolando McClain (my guess is a TRADE here, if they can get a taker – Cowboys, PLEASE! – if so, Earl Thomas wears a star)
11. Broncos – Earl Thomas (if they draft Dez Bryant after trading Marshall, everyone in the organization should get fired)
12. Dolphins – Dan Williams
13. 49ers – Joe Haden
14. Seahawks – Anthony Davis
15. Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul
16. Titans – Kyle Wilson
17. 49ers – Maurice Pouncey
18. Steelers – Dez Bryant (really? After Holmes and Big Ben? I hope they take Tebow…)
19. Hawks – Brandon Graham
20. Texans – Taylor Mays
21. Bengals – Jermaine Gresham
22. Patriots – Sergio Kindle
23. Packers – Charles Brown
24. Eagles – Everson Griffen
25. Ravens – Terrance Cody
26. Cardinals – Devin McCourty
27. Cowboys – Bryan Bulaga (if they can trade up and get rid of Bennett or Carpenter, it’s a great night!)
28. Chargers – Ryan Matthews
29. Jets – Jerry Hughes
30. Vikings – Jimmy Clausen (my guess is he will be taken about 8-12 picks higher via a trade)
31. Colts – Jared Odrick
32. Saints – Brian Price

• I spent 15 minutes tops on my mock draft, but looked at other mocks more than once (before and during my mock)

• Although I am not a professional, I am sure I will be just as bad as Mel Kiper when the real results come in.

During the Facebook/MySpace NFL Pro Football Picks challenge I was ranked #2 out of 112,274… which will mean nothing here, but at least I am finally letting the world know how awesome my picks were this year!

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Cole Hedgecock said...

• 6 of my picks went exactly as I said they would
• 6 of my first round picks did not go in the first round
• Everson Griffen was the bargain of my draft board
• Tony Alualu was the reach of everyone’s draft board
• Although Bradford was #1 overall and I am fan, I cannot believe he was taken #1 after playing less than 2 games this year!