Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Our Guest

When I opened up this email, it struck a nerve with me immediately. It told me that although I was not a part of what was going on with Direct Buy, I could participate… but only for a short while. The main take away for me what how I do not belong, probably the opposite of what was intended to be communicated, but nonetheless it was the message received.

From the start of my time at First Baptist Jenks I have communicated that we have guests, not visitors. The term visitor represents someone that does not really belong. “Visitor” screams of a disconnect between us and them, and is an unfriendly word we need to avoid. When a visitor comes to your house, you stand at the door and listen to what they have to say until you deem the conversation to be over. When a guest visits, you welcome them in, offer them your choice seat, and offer a beverage or even food.

To give credit where credit is due, Disney taught me this through one of my first first employers and their coined phrase, “Be our Guest, Be our Guest…” In church life (and business), we should all strive to make those who grace us with their presence feel like welcome guests, not visitors.

In short, the language we use matters… may we use the right words!

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