Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is December 25 Really Jesus' Birthday?

The reality of Jesus’ birth – Jesus was not born of December 25, in fact the true date is not known (most think it is April or August). It is clear from the scriptures and history that it was not in December. Shepherds did not spend the chilly December nights on the hills in that part of the world, they took their sheep inside to shelter overnight and out again in the morning.

During the 4th century the Church of Rome decided to celebrate Christ’s birth during the winter solstice in an attempt to Christianize these popular pagan celebrations. These popular Roman pagan festivals of celebration, drunkenness and making merry ran from December 17-24. Gifts were exchanged and on the 25th they would celebrate “The Birth of Unconquerable Sun.”

We celebrate the marvelous story of the birth of Jesus Christ at this time to point the eyes of men on the true birth of the Conquering Son Jesus! Our goal is to turn the eyes of all men upon the true Creator and Son of God, Son of Man, Jesus. As you think of December 25, do so with joy in your heart as we realize that Jesus came to change that which is evil into good… Christmas on the 25th of December screams of His mission, which is our mission as well!

For me, this makes December 25 even more special than before

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