Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kanas City Family Mission Trip

August 1-4 our church went to Kansas City for a Family Mission Trip. Christy & I decided that we would take all of our children with us, including Clay who is only 19 months old. I wasn’t nervous about taking the kids for the afternoon and evening activities (we rested in the afternoon and put on a VBS for FBC Platte City, MO in the evenings), but we both had some concern for how they would do in the morning.

We worked with a ministry called Hillcrest Transitional Housing, which assist homeless families get back onto their feet and off of the streets. We painted, cleaned, pulled weeds, worked on a playground, and even built a brand new playground set. To our delight, all of our kids did great. Chloe (6) was a true helper and go getter. Coleman worked hard, wanted to paint, and brought the adults (along with his big sister) water. Clay even got in on the act, picking up stuff to throw away (rocks included) and wanting to paint! It was a phenomenal trip for all of us.

In addition to my family, we had 11 other families go to. It was really great to see how well everyone worked together, and how hard they all worked individually. FBC Platte City were great hosts. Hillcrest gave us plenty of work to do. We saw over 25 children pray to receive Christ, and we left feeling as though God had used us in a great way.

For anyone thinking about taking your family on a mission trip, let me say that you should definitely do it!

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