Sunday, April 28, 2013


10.When you the subject of pride, you immediately think of others who have a problem
9.    You feel slighted when other people are praised
8.    You hear others share a story and follow it up with, “oh that’s nothing, let me tell you what happened to me
7.    You think “Lowly tasks and responsibilities” are below you: like answering the phones, grunt work, and helping in general
6.    You gladly share your success, accomplishments, and abilities with others
5.    You think you are the perfect person to address pride with others
4.    You know more than everyone else: includes rejection of suggestions, inclusion in decision making, dismissal of others, isolation
3.    You take a lot of pride in your humility
2.    You cannot believe people struggle with sin
1.    Your list would have been much better than this list!

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