Monday, June 17, 2013

The Old Reader

Google is killing my favorite website, Google Reader. All I have been able to discover on the rationale is that the service simply is not popular enough to justify continuing the free service (anyone else amused by my irritation the free service is going away). The funny thing is that there seems to be a bunch of people hacked off by Google's decision, which has not mattered to them (and why should it, will people actually go back to aol).

Personally, I have drug my feet on making a change until this morning's reminder from Google told me the service would be dead July 1. After reading through some blogs (tons of people hacked off at Google), I found the perfect answer to my problems: THE OLD READER!

The Old Reader is just like Google Reader, except it is not being killed off July 1. My favorite part of the website is the irony of the people who created it... they are running the website on Google's Sites. Hey Google, Good call to Kill Reader... Said No One Ever.

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