Sunday, September 1, 2013

Book Review: Dirty God by Johnnie Moore

Every once in a while I obtain a book I would never buy, and typically never get around to ready. On a recent trip, I packed one of these books in my bag just in case… The name of the book is, Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches. In Johnnie Moore’s work, there is a refreshing view of grace and our lives in accordance to the grace Jesus has given to those who believe in Him. There are many great things about this book. First, the content is great. Second, it is very easy to read. Thirdly, it grabs your attention and is a true page-turner. Fourth, this book has great research. To that point, many books lack high quality quotes and reference just the author’s point of view. Dirty God uses quotes from contemporary and past men of influence. Fifth and beyond, it has an interesting/intriguing title. There are other things, but that is all of this review. For me this was a book I read just because. If you have no real agenda (or have an agenda to get a fresh perspective on grace), you should read this book too!

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anna said...

I never read the perfect review about the book but your blog changed by mind