Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Review: Fight by Craig Groeschel

Recently, I traveled on a plane for 16 hours and had plenty of time to read. A buddy lent me a copy of Fight by Craig Groeschel and told me I would enjoy it, which I did. Fight is a book that examines the life of Sampson and challenges men to live the life they were intended to live. He calls for belief, faith, prayer and purity, among other things in his call to fight for righteousness. As Groeschel always does, he makes the truth of God’s word simple while providing easy instructions to apply God’s Word to one’s life. I enjoyed his steps to God’s power, his insights on dealing with lust, and his call to discipline. Although this was not a book I intended to read, I am grateful to have read it and would recommend to a man in need of a pep talk!

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