Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: Cofee House Chronicles Set

For the past few years a friend of mine has been struggling with faith in God. He has questioned God, Jesus, creation and everything else that goes along with faith. Through this process, we have moved from creation to the person of Jesus.

I purchased the first book in this series, “Who is Jesus,” in hopes of taking a in-depth look to see if my friend could be convinced that Jesus really was a real person who lived, died, and has a story history cannot deny… in my friend’s mind! This book was totally different than what I expected, but it was good and proved useful.

Written by Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett, this series is comprised of three books: Who Is Jesus, Did the Resurrection Happen, and Is the Bible True. All of these books are all short reads, told in a story format. The setting is a college campus and coffee house where people wrestle with and debate points of faith and Christianity. Personally, I really enjoyed all three books. I found all to be beneficial, easy to read, and filled with great facts. However, if you are looking for a resource comprised of cold hard facts, I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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