Saturday, January 16, 2016

Political Relief Aid

Of all the people I ever expected to visit FBC Rowlett, a presidential candidate was not on the list... until Senator Ted Cruz showed up. From the way the news reports on him and other politicians talk about him, I had no idea what to expect. However, Senator Cruz was an extremely nice and personable individual. He came across as kind and genuinely concerned. He was not rushed or impatient, regardless of how many times his staff kept pressing him to hurry up. He shut down the media when they tried to get him to politicize his time in Rowlett, but he did bring attention to the devastation our city has experienced. It was an honor to meet him and I am grateful he stopped in our city to offer his support and help.

Our State Representative has been incredible throughout the recovery process. Cindy Burkett has played the political role she has been elected to fulfill, while quietly getting her hands dirty removing debris like other volunteers. Cindy has been so great to work with.
Our State Attorney General, Ken Paxton has been truly helpful as well. Initially, he offered his help from Austin, but he made an under the radar trip to personally deliver supplies he and other state workers had collected. It was a really cool move by him. Many thanks to all of our state representatives. 

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