Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Book Reviews

I've decided it would be good to keep track of the books I have read and my thoughts on those books, so I will be adding book reviews to my blogging life. Without delay, here are my first few reviews:

The Passionate Church by Mike Breen (Finished 5/20/08)

If you are in ministry, this is a must read. In comparison to Simple Church, this book dominates. Breen's understanding of Jesus translates powerfully from his pen, to the paper, to the heart. He uses Jesus as the compass and shapes as illustrations for discipleship. Reading this book makes me want to do more for Jesus, be more for Jesus, and it also clarifies how to do that more effectively.

Simple Church by Eric Gieger (3/27/08)

This is a very good book for enabling insight into one's process of make disciples. One of the greatest mistakes in the book though is the blinding absence of the family (mom & dad) in the process. I cannot help but think that any church that fails to mention or incorporate the family in the discipleship process fails to make disciples. BUT this book should be viewed as a resource to create a discipleship process, and for that everyone in ministry should read it. My fear is that many church will call them simple when they have simply poached the slogans Gieger uses as examples in the book (i.e. love God, love others, to change the world)... something I have already seen in multiple churches around my current setting. Hear is to originality!

The Present Future (2/07)

Solid approach to ministry in our current times… Loved the concept of moving from every member a minister mentality to every member a missionary! If we could think of our current setting in life as a mission field instead of a place where we live, what a difference that would make! Most that dislike it or question its theology probably have questions as to why hymns and boring sermons don't seem to attract new people into the church. A rock solid read for anyone who desires to make a difference for Christ.

The Holy Wild by Mark Buchanan (11/06)

Buchanan is anointed. The Holy Wild should be read by every believer. It provokes thoughts and sparks the reader's imagination as to what God wants from His followers. Trusting God in all things; knowing He is great, mighty, and able; understanding that God will also challenge those who love Him... Great book.

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