Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whiney Crybaby Spurs

I love the Mavs, they are my favorite NBA team, always have been and always will be. From Ro Blackman & Roy Tarpley to Nowitzki & Kidd (no comment on Kidd), I love my Mavs. We have never won a title, and only have the hope that in about 2-3 years something will happen, because we are not getting there next year... SO, with that being said, I cannot stand the Spurs.

Not because they win and we don't, which is a great reason to hate them (no one hates losers by the way, see the Cubies, "loveable losers"), I cannot stand them because they have made an artform of crying and whining. The Spurs are grown men that look like little girls. They remind me of my daughter at her worst when she fails to get her way, throwing a temper tantrum... ridiculous!

It is my hope the Lake-show knocks them out of the playoffs. I do not care if it is 4-3 or 4-1, just as long as I do not have to watch their whining faces in the finals. Seriously, is anyone else tired of Timmy throwing his hands up, holding tears back, questioning how a ref can call a foul on him regardless of how hard he hits an opposing player with his arms or body... you can throw Manu, Parker, and the rest of the team into that description too as they take on the personality of their cry-baby sissy-boy, tantrum-throwing, dominating-diva-Duncan!

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Robin said...

Every team in the NBA (unfortunately) is filled with guys who whine and think they've never fouled anybody - including your Mavs and Top 10 whiner Dirk Nowitzki. So stop YOUR whining and just enjoy seeing the great basketball exhibition that the Spurs put on year after year.