Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Cubs Go!

Baseball has never been my favorite sport, but I am loving it more and more these days. I grew up going to the Texas Ranger games, and was even fan of the game once (the put me on the big screen, gave me a bunch of merchandise, and now I have a cool story to tell about pushing other kids out of the way to claim the life-long fame)! The problem with the Rangers is that they still do not know the key to winning is pitching. They trade quality pitchers for great hitters and lose, lose, and lose some more. Now before I go into my next pitch, understand that I am and will always be a Ranger fan, but...

Last year I had the great privilege of going to Wrigley Field and watching the Chicago Cubs (including my favorite player Alfonso Soriano). It was awesome to experience and neighborhood stadium and all the energy that goes on in that setting. People we selling all kinds of Cubs gear, street performers were playing makeshift drums, it was a great scene.

Ever since that game, I went from being a normal Cub’s fan to a passionate Cub’s fan. I hate the Cardinals, dislike the Brewers, and regularly check the standings (Cubs are up 7.5 games and leading today’s game as I write). To further drive home the new fondness one must simply note that my beloved Dallas Cowboys play tonight and the Cubs squeaked into my mind… Go Cubs… Go Cowboys… sports are so great!

For the record, I am done thinking about the Cubs and have moved on to the greatness that is the Dallas Cowboys. The beating they will give philly tonight is going to be outrageously enjoyable. My team, God's team, is the greatest of them all, Go Boys Go!

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