Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Bailed On

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” is a quote anyone who has studies leadership has heard. Today, the House bailed on the bailout plan to save Wall Street. It is not something that surprises me, and to be honest I do not fully understand it and the full ramifications of the failure. However, what I do know is that failure to act on this plan is allegedly (according to President Bush and other top political leaders) going to send us into recession. What bothers me the most is the issue of leadership in our country: today and in the near future. Our current President could not get the deal done. Top democratic house and senate leaders could not get the deal done. McCain and Obama could not get the deal done either even though they both supported it.

Yesterday, both party leaders were claiming victory on this great bailout plan that would save us from recession. Obama claimed he had worked it out with Treasury Secretary Paulson and his party’s congressional leaders, while McCain’s mantra was, “let’s get the deal done.” Today it failed, and so did they. It is discouraging that this is the leadership our country has to offer. It is discouraging that neither McCain nor Obama could get this worked out together or separately. It is also discouraging that neither of them stepped up and rejected the plan either. No candidate or party won, Wall Street got bailed on, and it seems like our future economic stability is lost too.

And incase you have not heard: Breaking News >> Dow Suffers Worst Point Loss in History After House Rejects Bailout Plan

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