Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inspecting My New Year’s Resolutions

Each year I make New Year’s Resolutions and 2009 was no different. As most people have abandoned them by this point in the year, I wanted to inspect and report on mine. If you are unaware of my goals, simply click here to check them out. Here is my progress report:

• Educational: Finish my doctor of ministry degree

I failed to submit chapters 1-3 by February 13, but can still faicilitate my ministry project March 25-May 27. In mid-January I spent 4 days in KC working on it and meeting with my project chair which drastically changed my project, while also bringing clarity to what needs to be accomplished. Thankfully, I am still on track to turn in my final copy by August 10. Please pray for this work.

• Family: Be home at a scheduled time

This is still a struggle and improvement is needed. There are some nights where I do good, but for the most part this is a resolution where more resolve is needed.

• Marital: Monthly Date Night and a Getaway

We have had a monthly date night, but no getaway yet… maybe that will come soon after August 10!

• Physical: Run 3 miles a week

The real goal was to work out 3 times a week, and that has been surpassed consistently. Once the resolution was made, I think I have worked out 4-6 times each week. Not only am I working out, I am also making a conscious effort to eat better too.

• Spiritual: Be consistently studying the Bible

This has been going good. I restarted my systematic Bible study and have been deliberate not to preach or teach from the passages I am studying for my own personal growth. Good stuff.

They are going pretty good so far, but desperate and serious attention is to be given to my dissertation and scheduled time to arrive home.

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