Friday, March 27, 2009

What If Starbucks Marketed Like A Church?

From Richard Reising: A few years ago, I was sitting in my local Starbucks and happened to overhear a group training session for new employees. And it was awesome! The employees were being trained on the atmosphere and experience that they were hired to create. The mission statement was given clearly through examples, so everyone could grasp it. The meeting was visionary. I was just about ready to fill out an employment application! The people holding the training had a picture of how the employees were to treat each other and the leadership, but the tone was not focused on what the workers wanted to get out of the job. Instead, the training was centered around the experience they were to provide for each other and in turn, the customers. They were taught to be relational with frequent guests and sensitive to those who might not even know what a latte is…

I hesitated posting this as I am not really sure what to think of all the parity, but it is making me think. My hope is you might have some comments on this too. Let me know your thoughts.

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