Sunday, March 1, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I don't really sleep well (which is why I'm doing this now), especially when I'm not with Christy.

2. I am a violent sneezer! When I sneeze it's loud and out of control... It's the worst.

3. I remember exactly when I met Christy: July 28, 4:58 PM, 2002. She was in the passenger seat of Amy's Lexus wearing a yellow hat... I also knew we would get married after our second date, which freaked me and Fredo out… his response was shock when I walked in the door and told him after that date.

4. I am obsessive compulsive, about most everything from tidiness to working out, and wish/pray I'd be that way about my dissertation!

5. I cannot stand peanut butter or hot dogs. Peanuts give me headaches and make me nauseous, hot dogs are just disgusting. Ironically, I will eat corn dogs.

6. Chloe and Coleman make me smile even when I don't feel like it.

7. I'm more competitive than you.

8. I don't really know when to say when... so be careful when messing with me, you'll probably regret it!

9. I'm a Dallas Cowboy, OU Sooner, Dallas Maverick, Chicago Cub & Texas Ranger, and Dallas Stars fan in that order.

10. If someone offered me 1 million dollars or to pay off my mortgage, I'd accept with gratitude and without hesitation.

11. Mission work thrills me, but it's never been easy. On missions trips I've broken my hand, been poisoned (food and medicinally), had 2 horrible ankle sprains, almost got bitten by a "2 step killer" snake, got malaria, was arrested, and spat upon... and every time I tell the stories people sign-up to go too!

12. Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding task I've ever done... that dissertation is the next hardest thing, but no reward yet.

13. Right now my soda of choice is Diet Pepsi... I like Dr. Pepper (with Strawberries) better, but am trying to be healthier... doubt it will last!

14. I overanalyze and read too much into most everything, at least I think I do...

15. I crack myself up, and others too... If they have a good sense of humor.

16. Ideas and execution I enjoy, details not so much.

17. To relax, sometimes I will simply put on a hat.

18. Although I want to be (and have improved a bit), I'm not much of a handy-man. With that being said I replaced part of my fence and window trim, so I must be getting better... Brent, could you come over and fix my window thing?

19. If I ever write a book, I will publish it under the name Cole Coleman... Thank you Zig.

20. I have 9 accountability partners and meet with them all at least once every two weeks.

21. I get migraines all the time. Probably 2 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. When diagnosed by my specialist he told me, "You have chronic migraines." I paid money for that bit of helpful insight!!!

22. Instead of bad words, I like to say Jiminy Cricket or John Brown when fired up.

23. I recently wore out the keyboard on my laptop and have to replace it. While it's obviously good I don't have to purchase a new computer, I'm not sure it's good I type that much.

24. "I would rather cut my leg off and beat myself to death with it," is my favorite thing to say when I don't want to do something. Compliments to Pendergrast for the saying.

25. When in public, I have a tendency to think I know people, I don’t really know. For instance, a few months ago while visiting my in-laws in Texas I went up to an old college friend and started a conversation… the problem is that she had no clue who I was.

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