Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Online Accountability

The Internet can be/is a very dangerous place to roam. At the click of a mouse images can pop onto your screen and into your mind. Struggles can commence and send you spiralling into addiction that could a lifetime to undo. In order to prevent such tragedies and hardship from occurring, I would recommend that every person/home/church install bSafe online onto their computer. Bsafe is without question the best Internet protection software available. I used to recommend Covenant Eyes (and still do for Macs), but prefer bSafe online due to the proactive strategy that program uses to make it near impossible for one to view illicit images.

Bsafe has 36 Category Flexibility allows you to choose which categories (gambling, shopping, R-rated, alcohol, shopping, etc.) to allow or restrict access. They also included a Time-of-Day feature, which allows you to control Internet activities for specific times of day. This option will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your online access. A Tamper-Proof Reporting Option – Detailed reports show the time when the Internet was accessed, good sites visited, and sites that were blocked – is also included.

This program is so good, that it will often challenge you to rethink the websites you look at, as you will most likely have to unblock some websites you never think of as potentially dangerous (Facebook, some Blogs, Twitter, etc.). In spite of this, bSafe online is worth the frustrations that come when initially installed. The cost of the program is typically $49.99 a year, but with a Focus on the Family special, you can purchase the program 30% off ($34.97). Again, if you currently do not have any Internet filtering software, quit being stupid and protect yourself and your family.


Luke said...

Have you tried Covenant Eyes filtering program? Its has similar features to bSafe.

Cole Hedgecock said...

I have used Covenant Eyes and also have friends that use it, and it's filtering software is easier to get around... it is a good program, just not as good as Bsecure (bsafe) in my opinion.