Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ways to Spice Up Your Intimacy

Here are 20 Ways To Spice Up Your Intimacy By Jill Savage. If you read these and can think of more, please post your comments and I will add them to the overall list.

1. Turn on the electric blanket or heated mattress pad 30 minutes before your spouse heads to bed.
2. Empty the dishwasher or do the dishes without being asked.
3. Make coffee or tea in the morning and take it to the bathroom while your spouse is getting ready.
4. Unload the groceries and put them away—especially if your spouse went to the store alone.
5. Open her car door.
6. Make his favorite dessert.
7. Surprise your spouse by cleaning and vacuuming their car.
8. While your spouse is in the shower, throw a towel in the dryer, then place the heated towel where they can reach it.
9. Take the children for a couple hours and give her some time alone.
10. Put your arm around her in church.
11. Rub your spouse's back.
12. Buy your spouse's favorite candy bar or magazine when you stop to fill your gas tank.
13. Show excitement about doing something your spouse wants to do.
14. Warm/cool the car and scrape the windows after a frost or snow/heat.
15. Tell your friends—and family!—how smart your spouse is.
16. Fill your spouse's car with gas when you drive it.
17. Invite her to cuddle while watching television.
18. Take off a half-day just for the two of you.
19. Fold and put away the laundry.
20. Pray a blessing over your spouse—then tell them what you prayed for.
21. Write a note to your spouse and hide it for them to find later.

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LynnAnn said...

I love this list! It makes me feel so amazing when Paul talks about me to his friends in a positive way. I think one of the things that's been really good for us (and you know after 10 months I am SUCH an expert) is encouraging each other to spend time with friends. I know Paul needs some guy time sometimes; there is no way I can fake interest in video games or pretend to know enough about music long enough to satisfy him and he needs that outlet.