Friday, June 19, 2009

Greece June 09: Fun Times

During our trip we worked hard. In fact, part of my worry at the end of the week was that I might have pushed the team too hard. Blisters on one team member’s feet, soreness in multiple bodies, and some being worn-out-tired brought me to that conclusion, but the reports from team members have eased those fears.

We make it clear that we are there to work; we have a job to do! However, all work no play makes for a miserable trip so we try to add some fun activities as well. Here are some pictures with a brief explanation of what we did for fun:

Cape Sunion (pronounced Sunio), a beach on overlooked by Poseidon’s temple.

Playing tennis on a clay court at my favorite spot in Athens – I was really elated they allowed us to play for a few minutes. This is at a private club I would love to join if we lived there. They have grass, clay, and hard courts, as well as a nice café:

Racing Christy in Corinth on the ancient track starting blocks:

A ferry ride of the Aegean Island where we relaxed and played paddle ball:

Relaxing after dinner below the Acropolis:

Not pictured: Constant joking, laughing and smiles… usually at Robert’s expense!