Saturday, June 20, 2009

Greece June 09: My Fear

One month before our trip to Greece to the day I had major shoulder surgery to fix a torn/shredded labrum. My doctor told me it was the worst case scenario, which brought about doubt if I would be able to go on the trip at all. Once he cleared me to go 10 days prior to our departure, we knew there would be many limitations on my involvement... many limitations!

With one exception on one day, my shoulder did not bother me anymore than it has before or after the trip. Everyone on our team was very mindful to help and protect me when needed. In fact, I would like to thank Christy, Jamie, Robert, and Cody who helped carry my stuff throughout the trip! Also, many thanks to Ms. Sandy for the shoulder rubs, they helped more than you know! Another huge blessing was being able to get ice every night from the hotel bar... relax I only got ice! And if my doctor or PT read this, I was faithful to do all of my exercise everyday on the trip.

The hardest part for me was not dealing with the discomfort that exist whatever my location, it was found in my not being able to participate in our partnership as I would have liked to. Typically, I would have jumped right in the middle of whatever they were doing, but not this time. Instead of participating in the track & field warm-ups, I watched. Instead of high-jumping and long-jumping, I measured the distance of each jump. Instead of running the 1,000 meters, I timed it. Instead of leading basketball drills, I... well I did play a little basketball one-armed and poorly! If you notice pictures of me participating in any activities, note how my left arm is always pulled in close to my body as not to move in a way to reinjure it.

Patience (in taking it slow), humility (in asking for help), and long-suffering are all things this injury has taught me to this point, but more than anything it has given me an appreciation for a healthy body God has blessed me with throughout my life. Sports and competition are two of my favorite things and it’s good to know in another 5 months I'll be able to participate again. God is good.

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