Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cole's Poll (Week 5)

1. Florida – Is there any doubt that next week is their biggest all regular season?
2. Texas – Are the Stankhorns licking their chops for OU or are they nervous???
3. Alabama – Does no one remember what happened to them against Utah last year?
4. Virginia Tech – Can they jump Bama if Bama looses?
5. USC – Fearful of playing in the Rose Bowl instead of at it come January?
6. Iowa – Beat Penn State in Happy Valley and struggle against Arkansas State?
7. Cincinnati – Forget Boise State, why aren’t people talking about this team going undefeated and missing out on the BCS championship game?
8. Miami – Was this the same team that got destroyed last week?
9. Ohio State – Think they still have nightmares about their USC choke job?
10. Oregon – Where was this team in week 1?

• OU should call this the year of the injuries... just imagine if their 2 best players were playing this year, do you think they would still have 2 losses by a combined 2 points? Too bad for Sooner Nation!
• LSU pulled out another close win. Although it is not being discussed, this year is eerily similar to their last championship year when the pulled out close win after close win.
• Boise State in the top 5 or 10 is a joke!

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