Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cole’s Poll (Week 7)

1. Alabama – I have no idea how I feel about this team.
2. Texas – Congrats on beating OU’s 2nd string offense by 3.
3. Florida – They really are # 1, but deserve to drop for a week since the zebras gave them a win against the razorbacks!
4. Cincinnati – They look for real and have no one left on their schedule.
5. Iowa – All of a sudden they look legit to win the Big Ten.
6. USC –They looked poorly coached and undisciplined in the 4th quarter, but still go the “W.”
7. Miami – The Canes should win out, it will be interesting to see where they end up
8. Penn State – Looking back, the Iowa loss is not so bad
9. TCU – BYU is the only team left on their schedule, but their real battle is with Boise State who is still getting props for their Fiesta win…
10. LSU – Default pick for the top 10.

• The Big 12 North took a beating with Kansas, Nebraska, & Missouri all loosing.
• Boise State looked pathetic this week. Although they beat Tulsa, that should count as 2 losses and take them out of BCS consideration. It is too bad OU lost and will not be able to have a rematch with them in the Fiesta Bowl.
• Is it possible for a team to lose and move up in the rankings? If so, OU and Notre Dame would both be moving up…

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