Saturday, November 14, 2009

BA Mission Trip: Friday and Saturday

We made it to Buenos Aires and checked into our hotel on Franklin D. Roosevelt Blvd. We had a good flight, even though I was stuck in coach while Mark traveled big time in business class… what a jerk... I'll take this back once we head home, he did get me the free upgrade to business for that flight!


Anyway, after a short rest and a bite to eat we had the opportunity to go to the Barrio (neighborhood) and meet some friends Mark and his group have made in their previous trips. We walked about 2-3 miles and attempted to visit 8 families or so, inviting them to watch a soccer game Sunday afternoon, and eat pizza with sodas.

The best part of the trip was visiting with Javier and his family. He is a believer who invited us to visit with him. He opened up his home and served us Pepsi, followed by maté, traditional Argentine tea. It was a great visit and we will be able to see him again on Tuesday.


Other interesting things about day 1 that started Friday and ends Saturday:
• There is only a 3 hour time difference between BA and Tulsa.
• G.I. Joe and Land of the Lost are mindlessly entertaining movies… yes, I watched both of them on the way here.
• Our translator, Nestor, is a graduate from a Baptist Seminary in Argentina started by Southern Baptist.
• Restaurants do not start serving dinner until 8:00, and it can last for 2-3 hours.
• Hulu does not work in Argentina!


Cole and Christy said...

So proud of my man for taking a picture of his food, where is your dinner pic? Bring me back some tea or coffee whatever is more their thing:)Also, bring the kids back a book like we did from Greece or a Christmas ornament:) Love and miss you!

Cole and Christy said...

oops the picture of your dinner just came up

Janet said...

Glad you are enjoying Argentina. Javier is one of my favorite people. The matte however tastes like grass clippings. Be thankful he also had some Pepsi :) And yes Mark can be a jerk while traveling. There have been times I got stuck with other team members in a middle seat while he got a bulkhead or upgrade. Obviously being his spouse doesn't account for much when you fly with him but glad you have an upgrade coming home. Have fun!!!