Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cole's Poll (Week 10)

1. Texas – Only 35 against UCF… really?
2. Florida – Tebow is getting into form with another title in his sights.
3. TCU – They get the nod over Bama because I think they would beat them.
4. Alabama – Their offense is offensive.
5. Cincinnati – Perfect place for their perfect record.
6. Georgia Tech – I am ashamed to put them here, but who else deserves it?
7. USC – See Georgia Tech, back in and up a week after their worst loss in the Pete Carroll era!!!
8. Ohio State – In the driver’s seat for another Big Ten title…
9. LSU – Only losses are to Florida and Bama.
10. Boise State – This goes against everything in my reason, but they did beat Oregon… the only team they played this year and have look ordinary against pathetic “competition”!

• OU, Notre Dame, USC, OSU, Va Tech, Ole Miss, Cal & Georgia should all be ashamed of themselves and their seasons.
• Northwestern topples Iowa… shameful!
• Hawaii should be ashamed of letting June Jones get away, SMU has won 5 games so far this year, 5!

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