Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Sport Predictions

Tiger – He ended 2009 being dropped by AT&T; he will end 2010 on top of the competition with the ability to pick who he wants to sponsor him. My guess is all those who’ve questioned him will regret going with morals (public opinion) over reason (Tiger is the greatest golfer ever). Although I am not going to predict on his family life, I do hope he works the major issues out and stays married for his kid’s sake.

Tony Romo – He has been the best QB in the NFL the 2nd half of the season this year. Not only will he win a playoff game this year, he will bring legitimate hope of a Cowboys Super Bowl in their own Cowboy’s Stadium next season.

Texas Tech and Kansas – As a Sooner, it bothers me that 2 of Stoops’ most highly regarded former coaches have been fired due to mistreatment of players… their firings also make me feel like the Big 12 just got easier. For their fans who like winning, you’ll be sorry. For the Tech administration, you are pathetic!

Urban Meyer – Does anyone else remember the Billy Donovan/Orlando Magic saga of a few years ago? He was losing all of his star players, and then bolted for the Magic only to second guess himself and return… sound familiar? Well, it might be the sun, water, or lack of confidence to rebuild, but the Florida coaches are straight flakes! What really blows my mind is that the administration enables it. My guess is that U of F will suffer the loss of recruits and games because of Urban.

Kobe Bryant – People who never saw Jordan play will argue Kobe (who hit his 3rd game winner of the season yesterday) is the greatest ever, but he will not be the best player of this decade… neither will LeBron.

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