Saturday, March 13, 2010

Athens Trip – March 2010, Day 3

Today was the only day where we did not have plans this trip. We took it easy and slept in, then tried to figure out what exactly we wanted to do. We decided to go to Piraeus, the main port city in Athens that we had ran through on our last trip, but did not have time to walk through. A couple of stops before we arrived on the Metro, we learned that the green line did not make it all the way to Piraeus due to construction. However, we were able to find our way there on the bus.

Once we arrived, we found that the city was dead, probably due to the Metro not running into town. Having seen a futbol (soccer) stadium, we asked an information desk worker if there was a game there this evening. She said there was so we decided to go there and check it out.

The stadium is home of the Olympiacos Futbol Club. The game started at 7:00PM, which was less than 2 hours. We decided it was a unique opportunity worth capitalizing on, so we purchased tickets for 15 Euros and went to the game.

The fans chanted during most of the game, but it was primarily limited to one rowdy section or quarter of the stadium. They sang, jumped, threw stuff onto the field, and even started fires with flames. It was pretty cool to watch… from the other side of the stadium! Olympiacos tied 2-2, which was disappointing for them because they dropped out of first place to a team that was near the bottom of the league.

This is a picture of Jamie & me and their mascot... He was friendlier with Jamie than me, which I was grateful for!

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