Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bill Accepted Christ!

Today we had what we have been praying for, a person accepted Christ. Although it happened today, this story is months in the making. Last May we all decided to try an American restaurant. The food was the same, but different… meaning not exactly as it is back home, but close.

Anyway, when we left the restaurant last May, we left a copy of God’s Word as well. The next day, a couple of us stopped by to say hello again and noticed that he kept it and put it on his desk. He told me I left it and asked if I wanted it back, I responded with “no thanks, I don’t speak Greek, you keep it.” That led to an opportunity to talk about faith, God, and the plan of salvation. He was very close to accepting, but hesitated and said he wanted to think about it a little more.

Yesterday we stopped by, to see if he still worked there. When we saw him, we told him we planned on coming back the next day to eat lunch. Once we finished our lunch today, I asked him if he remembered our conversation and if he had thought about it any since the last time I was there, he said he had thought about it many times – the power of the HS at work! I went through the Roman Road and asked him what he thought. I asked him if he wanted Jesus to be his Lord and to save him his sins. He said he every much wanted to do so, but in private… then another customer interrupted to pay his bill.

A few minutes later, as Jamie and I were praying, I told Jamie that I was going to give him the “Share Jesus Without Fear” final question, “why wait?” I approached him and asked if I could ask him for permission to ask a question, which he replied yes to. My question was from our previous conversation, “if you knew that you could have peace with God and he would save you from your sins for all time, for eternity, why would you wait?” His response was awesome. He said, “I did not wait. I asked God to save me just now, here (in his office). I know I do not need a priest to talk to God, and He has forgiven me of my sins.”

I was totally blown away with his incredible response! Everything we had talked about, he acknowledged in his own words and his own way. He said that he would continue to read his Bible (which he said he had done a few times since he received it) and pray. Our friends from America who live here will also continue to follow up with him as well. Our hope and prayer is that he will grow in his knowledge, understanding, and relationship with Jesus. Pray for our new brother in Christ!

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