Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Animal Kingdom for Preschoolers: Best and Worst (1 of 2)

When we were preparing to go to Disney World we were told to avoid Animal Kingdom. The consensus told us that there was too much walking and that it simply was not worth the time… they were TOTALLY WRONG! Animal Kingdom was fantastic.

Their unique approach to theme parks and the real life animals made this one of our favorite spots of the entire trip. The only problem with Animal Kingdom is that it has probably ruined our Tulsa Zoo experience, which wouldn’t take much to do anyways.

As with any of the Disney theme parks, it is important to get their early to beat long lines at the premier attractions. Also, the fast passes are inactive here for some reason, which was annoying to me! Finally, be prepared to have a great time. While you will have to walk from place to place, it was not overwhelming for us or our preschoolers. Here is the Best and Worst list for Preschoolers at Animal Kingdom:

Best Rides:
1. Kilimanjaro Safaris
2. Kali River Rapids
3. TriceraTop Spin

Best Attractions:
1. Camp Minnie-Mickey – there is a stage on the left as you enter the park where you preschooler can dance, sing, and have story time Pocahontas
2. Festival of the Lion King
3. Finding Nemo-The Musical – know this show was a little long, still worth seeing though

Worst Rides:
1. Rafiki’s Planet Watch = waste of time

Worst Attractions:
1. All walking trails – our kids did not care to search for animals, plus this is the part that can tire everyone out.
2. It’s Tough to Be a Bug – Great for older children, too much for preschoolers

Helpful tips:
• Arrive at the park by 8:15AM or 45 minutes before it opens.
• Arrive at the park by 8:15AM or 45 minutes before it opens.
• Arrive at the park by 8:15AM or 45 minutes before it opens.
• Purchase your tickets before your get to the park.
• Take advantage of the Disney photographers. Even if you do not purchase their photos, they will also take pictures for you, so do not be afraid to ask them to do so!
• Bring your own snacks – Disney allows you to brings food and dinks (at least plastic bottles) into the parks
• Purchase most of your souvenirs from Magic Kingdom, but know Target has cheaper items just down the road.
•Take your time and enjoy Camp Minnie-Mickey. Your kids will love dancing and playing with the characters, as well as story time with Pocahontas.

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