Monday, December 5, 2011

Gundy, the Pokes, and the BCS

So many people are lamenting “the rematch” as a travesty. They want to blame the humans, ignorant coaches like the one from Air Force that apparently does not own a TV or have common sense. However, all of those people are not the problem, it is not their fault, and ultimately this is not on the BCS… it is all on the 40+ year old “man” named Mike Gundy.

Having never been in that situation before, he said Bama deserved to be #2 on November 28. Instead of thinking they could actually beat OU and have a case for the BCS title game, he sheepishly submitted to Alabama being a better team. As a lifelong Dallas Maverick/Texas Ranger fan, I understand his thinking that they wouldn’t actually do it… but keep it to yourself Gundy!

That being said, he should have harped on the fact that his team lost in double OT to a team on the road the same day his school has the worst tragedy of any school all year. He should not have made excuses, but played the media in such a way to say something like, "today was an extremely tough day for OSU. The plane crash and deaths were a huge distraction, we played with heavy hearts, and I am glad we were able to play at all with such a tragedy." That is the truth everyone in the country knew, believed, and would’ve sympathized with. 18-22 year old kids played a competitive game on the road under the worst of circumstances…

Gundy should have also, in the same breath, harped on the fact that Bama lost at home, after a bye week. Bama had their shot, at home, and lost. Bama had their shot after an off week, and lost. Bama had their chance, and lost. OSU did loose to Iowa State, but on the road under the worst of circumstances, Bama lost at home after a bye week.

Les Miles has proven that there is no room for a high road when it comes to the BCS. You plead your case non-stop, and let everyone know why they would be idiots to put any other team ahead of yours. Gundy cost OSU a shot at the title; it is his fault and no one else’s. The BCS media and coaches should have had the common sense to see the situation for what it was, but ultimately Gundy is to blame for not wanting to “politic.”

Although the BCS blew the title game, the real question is why wouldn’t they after what Gundy said.

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