Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How The BCS Got It Wrong… 2011 Edition!

Last year, the BCS delivered on phenomenal bowl games, this year they reverted to their normal ways. One might naturally think this is going to go towards the OSU/Alabama debate, but that is not their fault. The 40 year old “man” named Mike Gundy gets to bear all the burden for that one! The problem is the games themselves will not be fun to watch. Currently, the games are just boring and they should not have been.

Here is a list of what they are verse what they should be:
ROSE – Is: Wisconsin vs. Oregon, should be: Wisconsin vs. Stanford.
This game poses two contrasting styles that will simply be boring to watch. Spread verse the run. New school verse old school… this has the makings of a terrible game for the viewers.

FIESTA – Is: OSU vs. Oregon, should be: OSU vs. Oregon
See Rose bowl notes. In all fairness, 3 vs. 4 sounds good on paper, but this game does not matter at all… none of the BCS games do this year. Can you imagine watching the ball flung throughout the stadium as these two offenses battle for who will have the ball last and go for the win?

SUGAR – Is: Michigan vs. VT, should be: Michigan vs. Baylor
VT deserves this bowl as much as Oklahoma does… not at all! However, if you put a resurgent historic Wolverine team against a team that has no history in Baylor, it would be awesome. In addition to this, football fans would come from all over to see RG3 battle Denard Robinson – call it the battle of the 2 most electrifying players in college football. This game would have been awesome. Some will point to KSU having a better ranking and beating Baylor, but remember that this game does not matter and KSU isn’t fun to watch!

ORANGE – Is: Clemson vs. WVU, should be: Bama vs. Boise
Let a legitimate team beat the dog out of Boise. It would shut them up for years and Bama’s Nick Saban would relish the opportunity to unleash all of his fury on a team he does not think deserve to be in the BCS, much less ranked in the top 25. I would love this game!

BCS TITLE: Is: LSU vs. Bama, should be: Highlights of LSU’s season.
LSU has nothing left to prove. Their season was as close to a playoff that we have seen in the history of the BCS. The fact that they have to play a team they beat on the road is stupid. Just give them the title… they already earned it. If you want to fill seats, put Nebraska in here, they corn faithful travel well and are no threat to ruining what LSU has already accomplished.

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