Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tips For Teaching

Teaching is not easy, in fact it can be rather challenging to present a lesson and lead discussion for your peers. There is something else that is true about teaching, it is impossible to teach a good small group lesson if you do not put the necessary time in to prepare. It is a disservice to yourself, your class, and your Lord you represent. The following are 3 simple tips for teaching a Bible study:

1. Preparation – preparation is the key to teaching a good lesson; if you do not put the necessary time in to preparing to teach you class, do everyone a favor and step down; think through questions to get people thinking about the topic and involved in the conversation.
2. Patience – when asking questions be patient; assume silence means people are thinking; if silent for long enough, people will eventually talk; 

3. Practice – practice makes perfect; before you get to the classroom setting, practice your lesson (this is part of preparation); teaching is a skill that is learned, do not quit if it takes a while to get good at it!

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