Friday, June 22, 2012

The 5 "Be's" of Evangelsim (by Mike Bergman)

I saw this post today from Mike Bergman at SBC Voices and decided to share an abbreviated version of his post with a link for those desiring to read the whole thing. Basically, these are 5 tips for evangelism that are a little different from most evangelism pointers, here they are:

1.     Be talkative – if you are going to share, you’ve got to talk
2.     Be friendly – the Gospel is offensive, you cannot be
3.     Be authentic – be yourself and share with your personality
4.     Be different – a saved person is transformed, be different than a non-believer
5.     Be prayerful – the Holy Spirit calls, pray they receive Jesus

These are 5 good tips I hope you found worthy of thinking about as well.

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