Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 Secrets Every Father Should Know

This past Saturday, I took Chloe on a Father/Daughter Campout. We had a great time together camping out under the stars… and rain! We also rode 4-wheelers, fished, played, and she had some friends from church there too. The hosting organization took an hour to speak just to dads and on the way out these "10 Secrets” were listed on a handout they provided us with. Here are 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know:

1.     You are the Most Important Man in Her Life
2.     She Needs a Hero
3.     You are Her First Love
4.     Teach Her Humility
5.     Protect Her, Defend Her
6.     Pragmatism and Grit: Two of Your Greatest Assets
7.     Be the Man You Want Her to Marry
8.    Teach Her Who God Is
9.     Teach Her to Fight
10. Keep Her Connected

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