Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shoulder Surgery: 3 Month Update

It has been an interesting month. I’ve seen stalled progress for two weeks followed by unbelievable improvements in range of motion… the strength is still lacking unfortunately. Chloe probably has more strength in her shoulder and this point that I do mine, which is more pathetic than it sounds!

At my last appointment July 23, the doctor told me to begin external rotation/movement. This is a huge deal because this was not supposed to happen until the 3rd month after surgery as opposed to the 2nd! For those of you mathematically challenged, that means I am a full month ahead of schedule!!!

Anyway, he also released me from physical therapy which lasted less than 24 hours as I was unable to do any of the strengthening exercises he prescribed. For whatever reason, he released me before I was able to gain any range of motion. That being said, within a week I have been able to move my left arm over my head and touch my right shoulder after just 2 appointments.

While the pain level has gone from minimal to extreme… WAY EXTREME… the pain has been worth the gain in movement. Hopefully, this time next month I will be able to really start strengthening my shoulder. It has been a long journey thus far with much distance to go, but if the left shoulder gets back to normal it will be well worth it!

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