Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Traits of a Successful Leader

1. Know (establish) who you are
2. Constantly stay in contact with your people (superior or subordinates)
3. Stick to your mission (focus)
4. View things differently
5. Be bold in the things you say and do
6. Always have a vision (that is what ties people together)
7. Let the success of others be your greatest accomplishment

For me personally, focus is the primary ingredient for success. With so many distractions in any area of life, those who keep the main thing the main thing tend to also be those that God seems to be blessing. Another key thought is to not allow good things to sacrifice the best thing!

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art rogers said...

Um... Yeah and let's not forget that good leaders are not threatened when others know more about something than them.

Rather, they actually recognize it and seek others to inform their lack of knowledge, willingly receiving what makes them...

a better leader.