Saturday, December 12, 2009

AT&T is the Worst... There's a Map for That

A few weeks ago Verizon debuted one of the best advertising campaigns I can remember. Taking a page off of Apple’s patronizing of the PC, they counter the iPhone’s “There’s an Ap for that” and created “There’s a Map for that.” AT&T (my guess would be Apple) responded with a lawsuit trying to get the ads removed from production… ironic to say the least.

AT&T’s pathetic claim was that the advertisements were misleading although it was very clear they were comparing the 3G coverage. Today, an article was posted on citing consumer report that rated AT&T as the worst cell phone service provider, which is anything but shocking to an iPhone and AT&T user.

The most humorous part of the survey was that Verizon was rated #1, again AT&T was dead last. If I were offering my opinion and advice to AT&T, I would like them to drop their attempts to argue that their service coverage is good and invest in making it better. New and/or improved cell phone towers would at least get rid of “There’s A Map for that!”

Here are some of those TV ads:

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