Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obama Leads a Movement of NOPE

That didn't take long! According to the latest Gallup poll, Obama's job approval rating is the lowest level ever recorded for a president at this point in his term. To all of you who were fired up about the movement of hope, it appears that the majority of the country is now seeing it as a movement of NOPE.

During the post campaign addresses his staffers were bragging about how they controlled the media and were able to get them to cover what they wanted covered. Obama used his fantastic rhetoric to overshadow his inexperience and lack of what the country needs most, quality leadership. That matched with a lame duck in John McCain gave him the Whitehouse. Now, it appears as though the majority of Americans - understand this includes many people who voted for him - are not only unimpressed, they are ready for a change.

The bad news for our current President is that it is only going to get worse for the party of nope as health care legislation is discussed and cap & trade lingers, understand that the democrats and their policies are just making it easier for the Republicans to regain control of everything. What seems unreal in his epic slide is that it has all taken place when Obama and his party have a death grip on the House and Senate. They could have done whatever they wanted as the conservatives sat by helpless, instead the democrats have fumbled around and made a bigger mess of things on Capitol hill than what they “inherited.”

Optimism on economy fading.
Democrat (Reid, Nevada) makes ignorant remark about slavery.
Obama's approval below 50%.
Obama, "Nation must spend it's way out of recession."
10 million could lose employer-based coverage under Senate health care bill.

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