Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cole’s Poll (Week 14)

1. Alabama – After spanking Florida, they have earned the top spot!
2. Texas – Barely, barely, barely survived McCoy’s worst decision ever… and that dude named Suh!
3. TCU – Will lose if they play Florida, by a bunch
4. Cincinnati – What a way for this team to remain undefeated, reminiscent of the Iowa Hawkeyes run.
5. Florida – Tebow, there’s no crying in football!!!
6. Ohio State – Yawn…
7. Boise State – Congratulations on beating one quality team all year.
8. Iowa – Got into the BCS after a great season and will have their horses back to showcase if they deserve it!
9. Oregon – Most of me would like to remove them from the top 10 for losing to Boise to kick off this football season.
10. Georgia Tech – The way the run football is old school and fun to watch!

• Kudos to the BCS this year for the imagination and getting it right. Sure Texas looked pathetic in the Big 12 championship, but no one can rightly argue any of the big bowls. They also put the matchups together that people want to watch.
• I am interested in watching TCU verses Boise State, Florida verses Cincy, & Texas verses Bama. Last year TCU snuck past Boise in the Poinsettia Bowl by 1 point, it will be another good game as the Broncos return to the spot of their greatest moment. Florida verse Cincy has the making of a letdown game for the Gators, a la Utah’s destruction of Bama last year. It will be interesting to see how Tebow goes out… and aren’t you glad the messiah coverage will be limited this year! Texas for Bama will not be a blowout as many experts are predicting. It will be a competitive game, just remember back to Bama verse Auburn. As much as it pains me to repeat this, kudos to the BCS!
• Outside of the Oregon and Ohio State, nobody cares, but that is preset… and it’s about time do away with the Rose Bowl tradition. Also, the Orange Bowl is perfect too, Iowa verses Georgia Tech is fitting. The Heart attack Hawkeyes verse Ramblin Wreck will be a good game and measuring stick for both teams.


Robin said...

So you dropped Florida out of your poll altogether?

Cole Hedgecock said...

That was an error on my part, I agree with all the polls that they should fall at #5... thank you for catching my error!