Thursday, May 6, 2010

Book Review: You Were Made For More by Cymbala

You Were Made For More is classic Cymbala. It is not enough for him to tell you a spiritual truth, he uses real stories of the power of God he is describing to illustrate that truth. As I read through this book, I felt as though it was the sequel to “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.” The main reason for that assumption is that he referenced that book and stories from it throughout this work. My two favorite stories in the book were of Fernie (page 56) and Vanessa (page 69).

While it is difficult for me to narrow down one particular best part, I found his Chapter 8, “What’s Up With This,” to be very helpful. The gist of this chapter was that God uses our problems to develop us into what He wants us to be. For those who buy into the “name it claim” or “prosperity gospel” or “word of faith movement,” this chapter will serve as an awakening to how God has worked throughout time in order to draw us closer to Him while making us more like Jesus.

I would advise that people who doubt if God wants to use them to read this book. If you know of someone who sits on the sidelines and fails to serve in their local church family, give them this book. If you have a friend who doubts if God could shine through them to reveal His love and salvation to others, this is the book for them… because You Were Made For More.

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