Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Favorite Household Tools

This post is all about my favorite things I use around the house. To my surprise, they are all Black & Decker products. Surprise, because I was not really aware my favorite things were even that brand.

I was responsible for taking care of my family’s yard, and I HATED having to use the electric plug in edgers/weed eaters. When we purchased our home, I immediately bought a gas weed eater too (to show my father) and was excited to use it… but that excitement did not last long.

Getting it started was a pain, maintenance was not enjoyable, and the line/string was also a pain. Once the starter line tore I purchased the Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Grasshog Trimmer/Edger, and it changed my yard working life. It’s a great product, easy to use, easy to maintain, NO GAS or CORDS, and did I mention it was easy to use.

It comes with 2 batteries that you simple swap out when one goes dead. The reason I trusted this product is because I originally took a chance on the cordless broom, which in reality is more like a blower (Black & Decker 18 Volt Cordless Broom Hard Surface Sweeper). Keep in mind that my yard is not that big and I am able to get the job done with the batteries I have – 2 per each product (4 total).

I also love my dustbuster (Black & Decker Energy Star 18-V. Cordless Pivoting Hand Vacuum), but this is not like any other dustbuster I have ever used – it holds a charge and last well beyond the typical 15 seconds every other one I used has. My in-laws introduced me to it as I had to clean up a mess from a road trip to visit them last year. Not only did it clean up the snack, it held a charge and had significant power to vacuum up the whole vehicle, with time to spare. Last Christmas it was the only thing I asked for from them (they got me a new one, not theirs), and it has been awesome to use ever since.

Anyway, these are 3 products I love and 3 things you should consider buying!

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