Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Greatness of College Football

Day one of the football season (no, Thursday kickoffs do not count unless OU is the headliner) officially kicked off today, and it was great! Despite having a severe headache and not being able to sit in front of the television from 11-11 like I had hoped, today was so good. My son got to enjoy it for the first time, OU was up 50-0 at the half, Clemson and the ACC got shellacked, the Big XII looked sharp – except for the usual suspects (A&M and Baylor specifically), and we even had a few upsets. More important than any one team, college football is back. From now until the early part of January, we sports-fans get to enjoy the best week-in week-out entertainment amateur sport has to offer… college football is so great!

(The picture is a tribute to the OU season tickets I had last year)

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Coby and Sally said...

cole, coby and i were looking at your blog. we like it. we are wondering, however, if you meant to put on your blog link instead of seems anti-conservative. sally