Tuesday, June 29, 2010

21 Things You Should Never Buy New

This is an interesting article taken from Yahoo finance: If you're looking to get the most value for your dollar, it would do your wallet good to check out secondhand options. Many used goods still have plenty of life left in them even years after the original purchase, and they're usually resold at a fraction of the retail price, to boot.

Here's a list of 21 things that make for a better deal when you buy them used:

1. DVDs and CDs
2. Books
3. Video Games
4. Special Occasion and Holiday Clothing - odd to me.
5. Jewelry - another odd thing... here is your used wedding ring?
6. Ikea Furniture - Can find on Craigslist already assembled.
7. Games and Toys
8. Maternity and Baby Clothes
9. Musical Instruments
10. Pets - I agree, adopt!
12. Craft Supplies
13. Houses
14. Office Furniture - seems like an odd thing to be on the list.
15. Cars
16. Hand Tools
17. Sports Equipment - and I am thinking about buying a New Putter.
18. Consumer Electronics - I would only buy new, so I disagree with this.
19. Gardening Supplies
20. Timeshares
21. Recreational Items

1 comment:

the.fortes said...

Yeah, I don't agree with the electronics or some of the sports equipment stuff...depends what it is. A used Nokona? Maybe. We had to special order mine back in the day, though...good luck finding a used fastpitch softball catcher's mitt (Nokona, at least).
I think the jewelry thing is referring to faux gemstones and stuff. I got some great stuff for free at the MOPS exchange. I am all about the used DVD and CD. Go to www.paperbackswap.com, www.swapadvd.com or www.swapacd.com. You can buy credits for pretty cheap and get a lot of different movies/cds/books.