Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SBC 2010: The Dumbest Moment

During the SBC 2010 convention, immediately following the discussion and passage of the GCR, some dude stepped to the microphone and began to introduce a motion via rap. The group of friends I was sitting with came to some conclusions about it. We thought he lost a bet, took a dare, or was in desperate need to attention… I think the third guess fits the best, but I’m still not sure.

In the aftermath of the "rap-motion" Timmy Brister has come out of one of the brains behind the motion. Apparently, he, Charlie Mitchell, & Josh Shank (the rapper) decided to either punk the SBC or make a "contribution" to the business meeting. The motion was "expressing appreciation and affirmation for the investment of the Acts 29 Network for their work in planting gospel-centered churches in the SBC."

Timmy Brister now claims the rap was history making... my hope is that history does not repeat itself (See Wiley Drake for reference). Here is Joshua Shank presenting his motion affirming the work of Acts 29 church planting network in a rap/rhyme.

For the record, I have nothing against Acts 29, Joshua Shank, Timmy Brister or Charlie Mitchell.

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