Friday, June 25, 2010

SBC 2010: Award Winners

Here are my award winners for the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Orlando:

Best Sermon – Tony Evans, if people would have listened to him they would have listened to Evans they would not have made the asinine comments about Stanley

Worst "Message" - Joshua Shank, Acts 29 Rap... on the path to being the next Wiley Drake!

Most Popular – David Platt, the twitter trends for him were ridiculous!

Least Popular/Most Helpful – Andy Stanley, if people would get off their high-horses and listen to his wisdom, their churches would be better for it.

Best speech – James Merritt for the GCR, it was fantastic!

Worst speech – The recent grad from one of our SBC seminaries against the GCR… whatever seminary that was should still thanking God he did not claim them!

Best Dressed – Anyone wearing shorts in the humid hundred degree weather

Worst Dressed – Ronnie Floyd, don't get me wrong, Floyd did a great job with the GCR, but this Miami Vice suit is TERRIBLE!

Worst Logo Ever – Love Loud, this logo is embarrassing for so many reasons... absolutely horrendous - even worse than Floyd's suit!

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