Thursday, June 24, 2010

SBC 2010: Great Commission Resurgence (GCR)

The biggest thing about this year’s convention was the passage of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report (GCR). When I first heard about it, I personally felt like it was an indictment against Southern Baptist that we had strayed so far from what we (The Church) were created to do that we needed to push for the Great Commission to be our focus again, after all, what else is there for the church! Now, a little part of me still feels that way, but more of me is excited that we as a convention noticed the need to change our course and move in God’s direction for us.

There are 7 main parts of the GCR that can be read here, but basically it can be summed up by saying our goal as Southern Baptists is to penetrate the lostness in our world for the cause of Jesus Christ (fulfilling that which He called us to do). The main point of contention came with component three, “Celebrating and Empowering Great Commission Giving.” The reason this was controversial is that some thought it would take away from the CP (Cooperative Giving as established by the SBC in 1925). This point was minimized many times by Ronnie Floyd, NAMB, and the GCR task force as it only really includes giving to SBC causes and not rogues efforts – something I find silly since the Great Commission is not centered on the CP, the CP should be centered on the Great Commission.

Danny Akin addressed this at the B21 lunch when he said, “The CP has not become a golden calf, it’s worse than that.” (I am pretty sure I quoted that correctly, and I am pretty sure Danny Akin was the one who said it) Anyway, this component was changed a little bit to make some feel better about the sanctity of the CP, but I found the change unnecessary.

Some called this the most historic moment in SBC life ever, some called it he most historic sin the Conservative Resurgence, I call it getting focused on what we should be focused on. I am glad it passed, was happy to vote for it, and pray that we as church whom make up the SBC will be Kingdom minded Great Commission churches!

Here are some articles on the GCR:
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Another important Resolution passed was on the Centrality of the Gospel, click here to follow (on Timmy Brister's blog).

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chadwick said...


Great insight! I wished I could have met you in Orlando. I am excited about the GCR, also.

I look forward to reading more of your assessment of the GCR!